Robi balance check code – How to check Robi balance?

It is so easy to check the Robi balance by using a code. The robi balance check code is *222#. But, it may vary for prepaid and postpaid Robi customers. This article will provide you with the USSD code for checking the Robi balance so quickly for prepaid and postpaid Robi customers. 

Again, I will also provide the code for Robi internet balance check, Robi minute check, and Robi SMS check. You will also find other necessary information on the other mobile sim balance check at the end of this article. 

So, if you are a Robi prepaid or postpaid customer and want to know your sim balance, internet balance, and SMS package balance, you may continue this article till the end. 

Robi balance check

Robi is one of the best-promoting telecom companies in Bangladesh. It is the best telecom as it serves the lower call rate. If you are a existing or new customer, you may sometimes face problems checking the principal balance. 

But, don’t worry; here, you will find all the codes for checking Robi principal balance, internet balance, and SMS balance from your mobile. What should you do to know the principal balance of your Robi sim operator? Well, you need to dial a code on your mobile dial pad. 

For Robi balance check, you should use the USSD code (*222#). Go to your mobile dial pad and type *222#. Now, click on the calling button. Great, you will find the primary balance of your Robi sim. It will show your principal balance as a notification on your mobile screen. 

The above mention process is applied for both android and features phone users. But, if you have android mobile, you may check your Robi sim principal balance with the help of their apps. It is another most effortless way for checking the robi principal balance. 

For that, you might visit the play store and download the My Robi Apps on your mobile. Install my robi apps and quickly check your existing main, internet, and SMS balance. 

For postpaid Robi customer

But, if you are a robi postpaid customer, you need another code to know your robi principal balance. Let’s open the dial pad of your mobile. Type *140*4# and tape on the calling button. That’s great; now you will see your robi principal balance on your mobile screen. 

So, for postpaid Robi customers, the balance check code is *140*4#

Let’s know how to check Robi internet and SMS balances from your features or android mobile. This is also very simple to know the robi internet and SMS balances. Please follow the below-mentioned process to know the robi internet and SMS balances. 

Robi internet balance check

You know Robi provide a robust internet package to its user. If you are an existing internet user of rib Sim Company, you may sometimes need to check your internet balances. 

While buying the internet packages from Robi telecom, you will get detailed instructions (how to check internet balance, buy a new internet package, and their trending interest packages) through the message. 

But, this message may be lost or deleted by you unconsciously. Don’t worry, here you will find the code to know your Robi internet balance so quickly. 

To know the Robi sim user (both prepaid and postpaid), you need to dial *1# or *222#. So, the robi internet balance check code in bd is *1#. 

If this code is not working or you face any problem, you may visit the official page of Robi telecom. Or, you may know the internet balance from my robi apps. 

How to check Robi SMS balance?

The robi telecom also provides the SMS package at a low rate. If you want to get the SMS package from the robi at a lower rate, you may check this article. But, if you know how to buy the Robi SMS package, you may skip this article. You may need to know the Robi SMS balance if you are an existing user. 

For knowing the Robi SMS balance, you should open your mobile dial pad and type *222*11#. You will get the notification on the Robi SMS balance and its validity. So, the robi SMS balance check code is *222*11#

Robi emergency balance getting and check code.

Sometimes, you need an emergency balance if you have no scope to recharge your Robi sim. This might be the best way to take the emergency balance from the robi. Robi provides emergency balances to their existing and new user. But, the amount of the emergency balance may vary from user to user. 

You may get eighteen taka emergency balance in Robi sim or more. So, to get the robi emergency balance, please dial *8811*1#. You will get your emergency balance on your Robi sim. It will not add to your principal balance; the amount of balance you got will be minimized from your following research on Robi sim. 

So, the robi emergency balance code (to get emergency balance) is *8811*1#

Here, I would like to provide also the emergency balance code for other mobile sim users. This might help you get the emergency balance on your different mobile sim. 

  • The grameenphone emergency balance code *1010*1#
  • Banglalink emergency balance code: *874#
  • Airtel emergency balance code: *141*10#
  • Teletalk emergency balance code: *1122#

That’s great; I hope all these codes for emergency balance will work fine. But, if you face any problem and the code does not work, you may visit the official pages of grameenphone, banglalink, airtel, and teletalk. 

How to check the Robi emergency balance?

So, if you get the emergency balance, you need to check it. Don’t worry if you don’t check the Robi emergency balance. I am here to provide you with the code to know your robi emergency balance from your mobile phone. 

To know the robi emergency balance, please open your mobile dial pad and type *222*16#. Fine, it will show you the emergency balance of your Robi sim.   

So, the robi emergency balance check code is *222*16#

But, you may use another different mobile sim like Grameenphone, Banglalink, Airtel, and Teletalk. So, I planned to provide all mobile sim codes to check the emergency balance so quickly. 

  • The Grameenphone emergency balance check code: *121*1*2#
  • Banglalink emergency balance check code: *124#
  • Airtel emergency balance check code:*141*10# and 
  • Teletalk emergency balance check code: *1122#

Now, I would like to provide all balance check USSD codes for all mobile operators in Bangladesh at a glance. 

  • Robi – Main balance Emergency balance
  • Robi – Main balance (*222#); Emergency balance (*222*16#)
  • Grameenphone – Main balance (*556#); Emergency balance (*121*1*2#)
  • Banglalink – Main balance (*124#); Emergency balance (*124#)
  • Airtel – Main balance (*778#); Emergency balance (*141*10#)
  • Teletalk – Main balance (*152#); Emergency balance (*1122#)

I hope all these codes might be helpful for all mobile operators’ users to check their Robi, GP, banglalink, airtel, and teletalk sim balance

Robi all USSD codes

This part of the article might be helpful for you if you are a user of Robi sim. Here, you will get all the USSD codes for the Robi sim. 

  • Robi balance check code: *222#
  • Internet balance check of Robi sim: *8444*88# or *3#
  • Robi bundle package check code: *123*122#
  • Robi minute check code: *222*2#
  • MMS check code for Robi user: *222*13# and 
  • Robi SMS balance check code: *222*12#

All the codes, as mentioned earlier, might help you if you are a robi sim user. 

Frequently asked questions on Robi balance check.

In this portion of the article, you will get the answers to the most frequently asked questions by the Robi sim users. Even you may get some guidance related to other different mobile sims. 

How can I check my Robi balance?

Hey, this is very easy to check your Robi balance on your mobile. You need to dial *222# on your mobile dial pad; then, you will get a notification on your existing Robi balance. Or, you may use my robi apps to check your Robi balance so quickly. 

What is the Robi balance check number?

The robi balance check number is *222# for Android and features phone users (applies for prepaid Robi sim users. But, if you are a postpaid user of Robi, then the checking USSD number is *140*4#. 

How can I check my mobile balance?

You may check your mobile balance in bd (Bangladesh) by dialling the USSD code. But, the USSD code is specific for the specific mobile operator. You may know your GP balance by dialling *566#, again dial *222# to know the robi balance. In addition, you should dial *124# to know your Banglalink balance. For teletalk, you may dial *152# and *778# to know the airtel principal balance. 

How can I check GP internet balance?

You may check your GP (Grameenphone) internet balance by USSD code. The USSD code for checking GP internet balance is *121*1*4#

How can I check my free or buying minutes in Robi?

Robi telecom also provides free minutes for their prepaid and postpaid customer. You may quickly check your Robi free minutes by dialling the USSD code *222*2#

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So, from this article, you came to know the robi balance check code. You also know some other necessary code for checking the internet, SMS of Robi telecom. If you want to know more USSD code of any mobile operator of Bangladesh, you may join with the trendyofferbd.

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