Top 10 Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh

You will probably start your first blog or small online e-commerce business and search for the top domain hosting company in Bangladesh. Today, I will enlist the top 10 domain hosting company in Bangladesh and suggest you choose the best one for your online journey.

You may also follow this article even if you have an existing online business (blog or e-commerce site) and want to switch it to a Bangladeshi hosting company. I will provide you with the best solution to choose the best hosting Service Company within Bangladesh.

Okay, first, let’s enlist the top 10 best domain hosting company in Bangladesh. Then let me suggest to you 1 or 2 hosting companies that suit your online business.

Top 10 domain hosting company in Bangladesh

For any online business, you might have a blog or e-commerce website by which you may reach more people. Again, for a website, you need a domain name and the hosting server where that website’s files will be hosted.

There are much bigger web hosting companies globally, but you need an international payment solution to go with them. If you have no international payment solution, hosting your website on a Bangladeshi hosting server will be better.

You will find many hosting companies in Bangladesh that accept mobile banking payments like Bkash, rocket, Nagod, and others. The top 10 domain hosting company in Bangladesh is –

  • Exonhost (my first choice for their quality services),
  • It nut hosting company,
  • Putulhost hosting company (cheap hosting),
  • Ebnhost Company,
  • Host ever hosting company,
  • Mylighthost company
  • Eyhost Bangladesh
  • Centriohost Bangladesh,
  • Dianahost, and
  • Intelwebhost Company.

Among these 10 domain hosting companies in Bangladesh, I have used only 5 (exonhost, putulhost, ebnhost, it nut hosting, and intelwebhost). So, I will share my practical experience using the Bangladeshi web hosting server with you.

After deep research based on the customer’s again, I will describe the advantages and disadvantages of the other 5 domain hosting companies.

Best Bangladeshi hosting for startup business

Quick answer: if you ask me to suggest the best hosting in Bangladesh for your startup business, I will suggest you go with the EXONHOST. This is the best web hosting company in Bangladesh for its quality services.

Why am I telling this so confidently? Fine, let’s clarify; I have been blogging since 2017 and using different cheap hosting services from Bangladesh and faced so many problems. Then, in 2019, I switched one of my blogs to exonhost and got a better result. Still, I have 3 blogs hosted on exonhost hosting server with more than 75k monthly visitors.

There are many reasons why I choose ExonHost and suggest you go with them. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is the most important thing for choosing a web hosting service. Though most companies will tell you that they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, the reality is so bad.

Secondly, exonhost has free 24/7 professional customer support. Again, you will find the free lifetime SSL certificates when you go any plan of exonhost.

Please read more about the exonhost in the specific section of this article.

Exonhost provides an affordable newbie plan (start with 2250 taka per year). You may also go with the ebnhost or it nut hosting companies of Bangladesh if you want.

Why should you go with Bangladeshi web hosting companies?

This is a very important question why should you go with the Bangladeshi web hosting companies. First, if you have no international payment solution, you have no option and must go with the Bangladeshi domain hosting companies.

If you have a blog or e-commerce website based only in Bangladesh, it will be better to go with the BDIX web hosting. This BDIX hosting server increases your website speeds (though it depends on other factors) and scales up your online business within Bangladesh.

If you face any technical problems, you may communicate with your Bangladeshi hosting service provider through direct chat and phone calls.

Exonhost is – the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh

Among the 10 domain hosting company, exonhost is the top in Bangladesh. They started their hosting service in January 2009. Now, the exonhost provides premium web hosting, wordpress hosting, BDIX hosting, reseller hosting, and virtual private server solutions.

They are delivering enterprise-level solutions for their customers at affordable prices. If you are thinking of starting a new online presence, you may easily start with them with no worries. Again, if you have an existing online business and want to move from another hosting, exonhost will help you transfer all of your files for free without any hassles.

This is the best hosting company in Bangladesh that is very customer-oriented. They listen to their customers’ problems and care about them. You will get free 24/7 professional customer support from the exonhost.

Exonhost domain hosting company in Bangladesh
Exonhost domain hosting company in Bangladesh

As I told you before, I have been using the domain and hosting services from exonhost since 2019. I am very satisfied with their best quality hosting that increased my website performance and managed my increased traffic without downtime.

I use the BDIX turbo power plan for one of my websites (I have 75k monthly traffic). Recently, I started this trendy offer bd website with their starting plan. But, I plan to upgrade it when my traffic increases in trendy offer bd.

So, let’s see what GTmatrix says about the trendy offer bd (see the screenshot).

Again, you may practically test this website with the GP speed site.

Exonhost services

Exonhost provides premium quality web hosting, virtual private serve, domain registration solution, email hosting, and SSL certificates. Many domain registration companies like Namecheap, Godaddy, namesilio, 123 reg, and others. But, you may also get your domain here in exonhost.

I have taken most of my domain from Namecheap or namesilo, but I also have a domain here in exonhost. They will cheaply provide the domain name extension (com, net, org, info, us, and others). But, the problem is they have no free whois protection for your domain.

They provide different types of hosting services – next-level SSD hosting, turbo hosting for the bigger website, BDIX turbo hosting, and reseller hosting. If you are new and starting your first blog or online store, I suggest going with the next-level SSD hosting.

But, if you have an existing blog or business and have great traffic, I suggest you go with the turbo hosting plan or BDIX turbo hosting plan. Again, if you have more than 100k traffic on your blog, you may go with the virtual private server.

But, if you are not technically sound, it is very difficult to manage the website on the virtual private server. Please check all the hosting services plans of exonhost.

  • The next level SSD plan starts at – 2250 taka/year,
  • Turbo plan – 12269 taka/year,
  • Virtual private servers start at – 3526 taka/ month.

Email and SSL certificate from exonhost

If you need a branded email address for your business, you may go with their email hosting plan. I also have an email hosting plan from exonhost for my business.

  • Starting plan for email hosting – 820 taka/month

They have three different email hosting plans – starter, stranded, and advanced (820/=, 1640/=, and 3280/= per month).

Again, if you need any SSL certificates for your website, you may easily go with them. They provide three types of SSL certificates – domain validates SSL, extended validated SSL, and wildcard SSL.

  • The starting price of the SSL certificate from exonhost – is 1471 taka/ year.

You may check all the features and prices of the products provided by exonhost by visiting their website.

It nut hosting company – another best in Bangladesh

If you ask me your second choice among the top 10 domain hosting companies in Bangladesh, I will say it is nut hosting. This is another promising domain hosting provider in Bangladesh, which started in 2014 but grew faster.

They also provide high-quality hosting services and are passionate about customer support 24/7 for free. You may easily rely on it nut hosting as your small business or blog data are safe. They have an established infrastructure that will provide you the freedom. It would be best not to worry about your site; rather, you may focus on your online business.

If you are not technically sound, the support team of it nut hosting will help you 24/7 for free. They provide cheap domain registration, premium quality web hosting, BDIX hosting, windows hosting, reseller hosting, email hosting, virtual private server, and SSL certificates.

I have been using the service of it nut hosting provider from 2020 for one of my small Bangladeshi blog websites. Honestly, still now (200-2022), I have not faced any downtime problems or any other issues. My small blog website is running smoothly, and I am happy with it nut hosting provider.

Different services of it nut hosting

The web hosting service of it nut hosting started with the 1820 taka/year. But, within this plan, you may host only one blog website. If you have a budget and start your online journey seriously, I suggest you go with a nut sliver pack or premium hosting plan.

The nut sliver pack starts with 3900 taka/year, but you will get a 35% discount if you go with a three-year plan. You may check the three plans (nut starter, nut sliver, and nut diamond) from their website.

  • Nut starter – 1820 taka/year,
  • Nut silver – 3900 taka/ year,
  • And nut diamond – 6500 taka/year.

If you are serious about your online business or have an existing online business (blog or e-commerce site), you may go with its nut’s premium NVME SSD hosting. The star lite plan of NVME SSD premium hosting starts with 12480 taka/year. Again, if you go with the 3-year plan of this start lite plan, you will get a 35% discount.

You will get the best solution for your email hosting in it nut because they provide quality email hosting services for your business at an affordable price. They have three different plans for email hosting – mail basic, mail enhance, and custom packaging.

The basic mail pack of it nut to start with 160 taka/month or 1530taka/year. So, I think this is very affordable for email hosting for your business.

The nut hosting company also provides four different managed VPS serve packages affordable. The first managed VPS serve of it nut host starts with 3825 taka/month.

To check all the services packages of it nut hosting, you may visit their website.

Ebnhost – top domain hosting company in Bangladesh

Again, ebnhost is one of the top 10 domain hosting in Bangladesh. I have been using their managed VPS server for one of my affiliate blogs as they provide free 5 Cpanel accounts and DDoS protection with 99.9% uptime. They also provide unmanaged cloud VPS, dedicated servers, premium web hosting, and domain registration at a low price.

Among the different services of ebnhost, I like most the managed VPS. But, if you want, you may start with ebnhost premium quality Webhosting. They provide four different types of premium quality web hosting for a beginner.

If you want to get a free domain with premium quality hosting from ebnhost, you may choose the first-year free domain plan – A for 1450 taka. Again, if you have an existing domain and start only one site, you may go with the professional – A plan.

But, if you ask me to start with the ebnhost, I will start with the standard plan as there are 50X faster turbo servers and Litespeed web servers. Again, you will add 3 to 7 addon domains on the standard plan of the web hosting.

Ebnhost also provides a cheap domain for your business. They provide the dot com domain only for 750 taka/year (2022). The other domain extension’s prices are also low in ebnhost.

You will find three types of unmanaged cloud VPS in ebnhost – advanced cloud, high memory cloud, and dedicated cloud. The advanced cloud of ebnhost starts with 4000 taka/month. Again, ebnhost provide a dedicated server that starts with 16500 taka/month.

You will get 24/7 online support (live chat) from ebnhost. Again, you may get reach to ebn support through a direct mobile call.

A final thought about ebnhost

If you have an existing blog or business in Bangladesh, or internationally that crosses 100k traffic per month, I suggest you go with the managed VPS of ebnhost. They will manage your server and traffic, so you should not worry about it.

But, if you are a beginner, honestly, I will suggest you go with another domain hosting provider in Bangladesh.

You may check the different plans of ebnhost by visiting their website through this link.

Centriohost Bangladesh

Centrihost provides simplified shared hosting, reseller hosting, master reseller hosting, and other technical services. This company started in 2007 and provided managed web hosting service to 32k customers.

Centrihost have 8 different data center in the United States and Canada. More than 240k+ websites are hosted in the centrihost server.

Centrihost may be a good option if you want to start your web hosting reselling business. But, don’t worry; you may also use their managed shared hosting plan for your small business.

They have simplified shared hosting, tomcat JSP hosting, wordpress hosting, Joomla hosting, windows hosting, and a dedicated server. All of their shared hostings could load faster and manage more traffic to your website.

They have four simplified shared hosting plans – starter, standard, essential plus, and business. The starter plan of centrihost starts with 1199 taka/year, where you may host five websites. But, honestly, this is not the best option for you to host five websites on this hosting server.

If you have a wordpress website, I suggest you go with the wordpress hosting plans of centrihost. There are also four different plans for wordpress hosting in centrihost. The blogger plan starts with 1599 taka/year, but it will be better if you go with their business plan.

Other services of centriohost include domain registration, business email hosting, SSL certificates, and managed SEO service. So, if you need SEO services for your blog or e-commerce business, you may try their plans.

My suggestion about centrihost

You may go with their simplified shared hosting plan if you have a small business. Again, if you want to start hosting reselling business, this centrihost may be a good option for you.

Again, you may choose their domain registration service for your online business. You may check the domain price and different hosting plans from their website (visit this link).

Host ever hosting company in Bangladesh.

Host ever (code for a host) is one of the leading companies among Bangladesh’s top 10 domain hosting company. This is another biggest company that provides the latest technology and error-free services. You may go with host ever company for the domain name and hosting server.

You will find different types of advanced shared hosting and premium quality BDIX hosting services in the host ever hosting company in Bangladesh. They also provide the managed VPS, unmanaged VPS, BDIX could VPS, and windows managed virtual private server for their customers.

  • The shared hosting plan of the host ever starts at 1500 taka/year,
  • The managed virtual server starts at 3599 taka/month,
  • A dedicated server of host ever starts at 19500 taka/month.

If you ask me which plan will fit your growing business, then I suggest you go with their managed virtual server that starts with 3599 taka/ month. But, if you have a small business, you may go with any shared wordpress hosting plan of host ever.

Host ever provides other services to their customers like bulk email, bulk SMS service, SSL certificates, personal and business email solutions, and SEO marketing services.

They have a great cheap business email service that starts at only 70taka per month. If you want to use a personal or business email, you may go with their cheap plan. You need only 800 taka – 900 taka per year for one business or personal branded email.

Host ever provide four types of SSL certificates for their customers – positive SSL, Comodo SSL, wildcard positive SSL, and EV SSL certificates. SSL certificates of host ever start at 800 taka/year.

Why host ever service for your business?

Host ever provide high performance and scalable web server for your small or bigger online business. They have a strong server with SSD RAID – 10 that will provide extra speed to your website.

Host ever also care about your website protection from known and unknown attaches. They also serve as a web-based email filtering service that protects your website.

You will get unbeatable uptime and support from the host ever team for free 24/7. If you go with any hosting package of host ever, you will get full access to live chat and premium support 24/7.

Putulhost – is cheap among the top 10 domain and hosting company in Bangladesh

I also have experience in the development and customization of the website. Sometimes I get orders from my customers that they need a simple website like personal, school, and other simple sites. They have a low budget for their website, and I usually use putulhost or intelwebhost for them.

They are the cheapest but average-quality hosting provider in Bangladesh. You may easily host your website or school website on the putulhost shared hosting server (if you have only 80 – 100 daily visitors).

But, if you have more than 250 visitors, you should go with their advanced web hosting plan. Their advanced web hosting plan can manage more traffic and boost your website speed.

  • The shaped plan of putulhost starts at 500 taka/ year
  • NVME shared hosting starts at 2200 taka/year,
  • Advanced web hosting starts at 3500 taka/ year,
  • BDIX web hosting starts at 100 taka/year.

I have a BDIX 10Gb hosting plan from putulhost, where I hosted 6 of my customers’ websites. The cost of this BDIX 10Gb hosting is 4500 taka/year. You will get 10 GB SSD storage, 1000 GB bandwidth, a Litespeed web server, and free unlimited SSL certificates at this low price.

They also have a VPS server and BDIX VPS servers for their customers. Putulhost also provides bulk SMS services and web design and development services for their customers.

Again, you may do this if you want to register a domain name with putulhost. I have some of my customers’ domain names registered with putulhost. They provide domain names cheaply, but the whois protection is not free here. You should pay an extra 350 taka per year for whois protection for your domain.

My personal experiences about putulhost

As I told you, I have six websites (customers) hosted in BDIX shared hosting of putulhost. I need to get any downtime in the last year in this server of putulhost.

But, when I used their PSH plan (Linux shared plan), I faced many problems. When the real-time traffic reaches about 25+, then the service goes down. And it requires more than one hour to come back again in normal condition.

So, I strongly suggest you not go with their cheap shared hosting, especially the 500taka/year plan. But, if you want to practice wordpress or Joomla customization (in live), you may go with this cheap plan. You will host only one domain (website) in this cheap plan of putulhost’s shared hosting server.

The domain name is cheap, but they do not provide domain ID protection for free. In that case, it will be better to register your domain with the centrihost domain hosting provider of Bangladesh. But, if you think ID protection is not necessary for you, you may easily register your domain with putulhost.

Mylighthost – another best domain hosting company in BD

Mylighthost is another promising top 10 domain hosting company in Bangladesh. They are best for their cloud, reseller, and virtual private server. But, they also provide the best quality shared hosting, which data center is located in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

If you are thinking of starting an international blog or e-commerce business from Bangladesh, it is the best option to go with the mylighthost company of Bangladesh. Or, if you already have a scalable online business, you may transfer your website to mylighthost company. You may choose their virtual private server, cloud server, or dedicated web server.

The shared hosting of mylighthost is cheaper than other companies in Bangladesh. You will find the shared hosting starting plan at 240 taka per month.

  • Shared hosting starts at – 240 taka/month
  • The cloud server of mylighthost start at – 1599 taka/month,
  • Cloud VPS server starts at 1650 taka/month,
  • SSD virtual server of mylighthost starts at – 650 taka/ month.

But, the dedicated server of mylighthost is costly and more powerful, which boosts the speed of your website.

My suggestion for mylighthost

If you have an established online international blog or business, you may go with the cloud VPS or a dedicated server of mylighthost. You will get free online chat support from mylighthost 24/7.

Again, if you have a small budget and start an international blog, it will be better to go with their shared hosting plan because the data center of mylighthost is located in the USA, Europe, and Asia. So, you will get a strong data center in the USA with the help of mylighthost hosting provider.

Mylighthost provides domain extension for a cheap rate (you will get up to 38 to 85% discount for the first year).

Check their domain price and hosting server plans from their website. You may visit through this link and go with any plan of mylighthost that suit your small or established business.

Eyhost – hosting company in Bangladesh

Eyhost is another affordable managed hosting company in Bangladesh. They also provide affordable reseller hosting, wordpress hosting, cloud, and dedicated server for their customer. You will also find cheap domain registration facilities with eyhost Bangladesh.

There are three managed shared hosting plans in eyhost – basic, standard, and advanced. If you are new to web hosting and online, you may start with their standard plan of 277 taka per month.

  • The first plan of share hosting of eyhost start with 82 taka/month

They have more than 11+ years of experience and provide unbeatable professional support to their 7.2K customers.

  • Business web hosting of eyhost starts at – 1125 tak/month,
  • A cheap hosting plan starts at – 114 taka/month,
  • WordPress hosting of eyhost starts at 315taka/ month,

They provide four plans in a virtual cloud server that start with 2250 taka/month. Again, the dedicated server of eyhost starts with 3880 taka per month.

They also provide different types of cheap SSL certificates and email hosting (G workspace) for their customer. It starts with 534 taka per month, which is more affordable for any blogger.

Dianahost Company in Bangladesh

Dianahost is another bigger domain hosting company in Bangladesh. They provide almost all services like domain registration, shared web hosting, BDIX web hosting, cheap hosting, premium hosting, PNR hosting, windows hosting, and email hosting.

They also provide Cpanel VPS, BDIX KVM virtual server, and bulk SMS services. You will also get web design and development services from dianahost.

But, I will not recommend dianahost’s shared hosting for your website. I want to suggest you go with their premium hosting service that starts at 299 taka per month. But, it will be better to go with the 5 GB SSD premium plan (the third plan of premium hosting).

They provide a managed Cpanel virtual server that makes it very easy for a non-technical person to handle their larger website. You will find three types of Cpanel-managed virtual servers in dianahost which start at 1650 taka per month. The third plan starts at 4500 taka per month, which is more powerful and expensive.

Intelwebhost – top 10 domain hosting company in Bangladesh

Intelwebhost is not the best option for the newbie or the established publisher. But why did I enlist this intelwebhost in the top 10 domain hosting company in Bangladesh? This is simply because you may go with their cheap domain prices. You may easily access top-class domain providers like Namecheap, namecilo, 123 regi, and others if you register your domain through Intelwebhost Company.

I registered many dot com domains for my customers with intelwebhost (more than 25+) last year. The registration cost of these domains was 350 taka to 500 taka for the first year. They have also provided a cheap renewal charge from the second year (dot com is about 800 taka per year).

They provide four shared hosting plans – lite, swift, ultra, and turbo. I will not recommend their shared hosting plan if you have serious business online. It will be better to go with cloud hosting that starts with 960 taka per month.

  • Shared hosting of intelwebhost starts at 550 taka/year,
  • Cloud hosting starts at – 960 taka/month,
  • NVMe shared hosting starts at – 104 taka. Month,
  • Managed virtual private server of intelwebhost – 1740 taka/month,
  • VPS starts at – 1200 taka/month

They will provide the virtual private server from a digital ocean web hosting company. You will get full root access to the digital ocean if you go with intelwebhost.

Why should you go with intelwebhost?

If you have no international payment solution, you may go with an intelwebhost company to register your domain name at a low price. Again, if you want to use the Virtual private server of the digital ocean, you may also go with intelwebhost.

On the other hand, if you are new and want to practice web customization, you may start with their shared hosting plan of 550 takas per year. But, I don’t recommend a bigger site because I have experience using their shared hosting from 2019 – to 2020.

Final talk about the top 10 domain hosting company in Bangladesh

I would like to summarize the whole article within a few sentences –

If you are a beginner and starting an online business seriously, you might go with – EXONHOST, IT NUT HOST, OR CENTRIOHOST.

For domain registration, you may choose – INTELWEBHOST OR CENTRIOHOST.

If you have an existing larger business online and transfer your website, you may go with – EXONHOST CLOUD SERVER, MYLIGHTHOST, and IT NUT HOST.

Frequently asked questions on domain hosting companies in Bangladesh

These are the very commonly asked questions on domain hosting companies in Bangladesh. If you have any questions about domain hosting in Bangladesh, please let me know.

Which hosting is best for Bangladesh?

I have used much domain hosting services from Bangladesh. From my experience, exonhost, it nut host, and EBNhost are the best for Bangladesh.

Again, you may also go with the centrihost or mylighthost domain and hosting company of Bangladesh.

Which company is best for domain and hosting?

For domain registration, centrihost, and intelwebhost are the best in Bangladesh in my experience. But, you may also go with exonhost or other service providers of Bangladesh.

But, please register your domain with an international domain register like Namecheap or namesilo. Again, for hosting, I suggest you go with the exonhost, nut host, and ebnhost.

How can I buy a domain and hosting in Bangladesh?

You can buy a domain and hosting from any renowned company like exonhost, it nut host, centrihost, and ebnhost of Bangladesh. I have described why I suggest you go with these Bangladesh companies. You may pay with the local payment solution like bkash, rocket, and nagod.

How can I buy a domain name in Bangladesh?

You may buy a domain name in Bangladesh with centrihost or intelwebshot by paying with the local payment solution.


So, you got an idea about the top 10 domain hosting company in Bangladesh. The best domain hosting provider companies in Bangladesh are exonhost, it nut host, ebnhost, and centrihost, in my experience. But, you may try other different domains and hoisting provider companies from Bangladesh.

Many other domain hosting companies in Bangladesh are not listed in the top 10 list. If you want, you may also go with them to register your domain and hosting with these companies after deep research.

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